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Located at one of the most beautiful spots in the eastern part of Amsterdam (Cruquiushavens), you can find our yoga studio facing houseboats and the waterside.

Our beautiful team of lovely yoga teachers are here to serve you and to give you the most pleasant yoga experience possible.

Check out our class schedule below and come join us for a yoga class.
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Our class schedule

We are constantly looking for new classes and yoga teachers to expand our class schedule and offer as many classes and different yoga styles as possible.


What options do we offer?


Single class

✓ Book a class when you need to relax

✓ Choose from different types of yoga

✓ Adding new classes to our schedule regularly

✓ Very lovely yoga teachers 🥰


10-time pass

✓ Perfect when you come regularly

✓ Choose from different types of yoga

✓ Adding new classes to our schedule regularly

✓ Very lovely yoga teachers 🥰



✓ Perfect when you want to do a lot of yoga

✓ Choose from all classes we offer in our schedule

✓ You will have 20 credits (classes) per month

✓ Very lovely yoga teachers 🥰

Please note that we use the same reservation system as CrossFit Zeeburg

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We are also at Classpass and Onefit


❝Amazing class, my body felt so good afterwards

Classpass yogi


❝Best class in a looooong time! Thank you :)

Onefit yogi


❝The yin yoga class was very nice, well guided and relaxing

Onefit yogi


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