Meet the best team of teachers in Amsterdam ❤️

We are not exaggerating when we say we have the best team of the sweetest and loveliest yoga teachers in Amsterdam and arguably in the world. On this page you can read a little bit about them and we would love you to get to know them personally by joining their classes. We hope you feel the same way. Enjoy their classes!

Andara Moeis

Hi, I am Andara. I am originally from Indonesia and have been living in Amsterdam since 2018. I have a background education in Contemporary Dance and have been working as a professional dancer / teacher / choreographer since 2008.

When I moved to Amsterdam 4 years ago, I had the opportunity to explore different kinds of movement based teacher training from Pilates, to Barre to Yoga. I've finished my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2019 and just recently finished 50hr Yin yoga training in 2022.

For me Yoga is truly a beautiful practice that changed the way I see and understand myself and I would love to share that joy on the mat with you 😊. My classes are flowy, playful, dynamic yet relaxing at the same time. I hope to see you on the mat!

Beatrice Bonioli

Hello there, my name is Beatrice. I am originally from Italy but am now a longtime resident of the Netherlands.

I discovered the power of yoga some years ago, and in 2022, I completed my 200-hour Vinyasa teacher training, solidifying my dedication to this practice. What I am truly passionate about is creating a warm, inviting space where everyone, regardless of their level of experience, feels welcomed.

I find great joy in witnessing the growth of the students' yoga journeys, and I am here to support you every step of the way. To me, yoga is like coming home, a place where we can embrace our authentic selves, constantly learn, and rediscover ourselves each time we step onto the mat.

I am looking forward to seeing you in the studio!

Eva den Doop

Ever since I was little I was taking dance classes weekly, but when yoga came into my life in 2015, I discovered my real passion. In comparison to dancing, yoga gave me more peace by connecting to the breath and because feeling from the inside was more important than what it looked like on the outside. For me, yoga is a way to listen to my body and to bring calmness into the mind.


In my classes, the function and the goal of the poses are much more important than how it looks like. Also, I like to cultivate awareness of the observer that’s always within ourselves, as I’m grateful to have learned from my teachers. I always try to make sure that everyone feels at ease and has a pleasant practice, whether you’re a beginning yogi or more advanced.


Practicing yoga both on and off the mat brings me a lot of freedom in my mind and body and I love to guide others to let them experience the same. I hope to see you soon in my class!

Evelien Koekkoek

Hi, I’m Evelien! In the current society, many of us find the pressure to perform. What I’ve learned at my yoga teacher training in India is that yoga is not about competing. As a yoga teacher I’d like to inspire you to be kind to your body. And I wish for you to enjoy exploring how much your body is capable of, without harming it.

Understanding, accepting and challenge the boundaries of your body is the main focus in my class.

Since my childhood I have been doing a lot of sports like gymnastics, I’ve always felt the pressure to perform at my best. Also in my work as in interior designer I have a great sense of responsibility. Yoga has helped me to let go of stress and release some of my performance driven mentality.

Franzi Hoffmann

Hi, I’m Franzi. Off the yoga-mat I work as a consultant in Change Management. I help people adapt to changes in their daily work and I like to think that Yoga helps people to accept the constant changes in life. 

I believe that what is happening on our yoga-mat while we practice is a reflection of what is happening in our lives and that we can learn a lot from it. I like to explore different themes in my classes that are linked with sequences that will challenge you but can be adapted to however you feel that day. 

My intention is to create a safe environment for you to explore what is going on within you at your own pace and without judgement, because everyone has their own unique journey in Yoga and that’s great! 🙂 My wish is that you will leave the class feeling more relaxed, in tune with yourself, and maybe inspired beyond your yoga-mat.

Inge Wolsink

I help people find their balance by bridging yoga and science. In practice that simply means that I combine movement, meditation, breathwork, psychology, and neuroscience to tackle the topic of health from multiple angles. I don't believe one size fits all, and I don't believe one method fixes all. I am a generalist. I tackle problems from an integrative perspective.

Who said we have to be stressed or relaxed? Rational or emotional? Mind or body? Science or yoga? Thinking or feeling? It is my aim to build bridges between what we perceive as opposites, and make you experience both in alteration, or in parallel. My classes are challenging and relaxing, down-to-earth and philosophical, structured and experimental, science and feeling based, fast and slow.

Lorain Drennan

My intention is to create a safe and kind space for you, so that it becomes easier for you to listen, hear and explore what is going on inside. During the class, I guide and invite you to release stored tension and gain flexibility in your bodies (your physical body, but also your mental- and emotional bodies).

My wish for you is that you leave the class feeling more at ease and more connected with your sense of self; wherever you are at, whatever is going on in your life at this moment.

My background lies in ecology and nature conservation. A burnout forced me to slow down and take a breath. I realised that, just as in nature, which always seeks a (dynamic) balance between different Yang and Yin aspects, that I simply had been too Yang for too long. Yin yoga was one of few ways for me to subtly but significantly start to (re)connect with my true self again. Combining my passion for Yin and my joy for teaching, I now also teach Yin yoga 😊

Nicky Leidelmeijer

As a holistic health practitioner, I know the importance of a relaxed body and handling stress in the correct way. This can be easier said than done – I know the challenge. That is where yin yoga, meditation and breathing exercises became part of my life.

I am specialized in nutrition, stress management, hormones and gut health. When teaching yoga I try to combine my knowledge on these areas with yoga and bring some awareness to the body.

Hopefully you will not only have a relaxed session in the yoga studio, but also a little more knowledge or tools to take with you outside the studio in day to day life.